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by Folasade Agbaje

Upwork Proposal Secrets by Folasade Agbaje

Imagine if you had a freelance career that allows you...

Freelancer working on laptop and smiling

Earn enough income

Build a freelance business on Upwork that brings in enough income so you can live a comfortable life

Get quality clients

Sell your value to clients on first impression so they'll pay you good money for it?

Live the life you want

Feel the joy that comes when clients respond to your proposals?

Stay above competition

Thrive and stay above the competition and rat race on Upwork?

Does this sound familiar?

You've sent tons of proposals to jobs but you never hear back from clients

You feel like you're not good enough to land jobs, and you're about to give up

You see others making it on Upwork and you want to know the secret

You're getting overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice you see out there


Upwork Proposal Secrets

I wrote this book to help you overcome the challenges you may be having with creating a winning proposal on Upwork

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In this book, you'll learn...

How to pre-qualify jobs before sending proposals

Understand the kind of jobs to send proposals to so you don't waste your Connects and your time

How to connect with clients and spark interest

Impress clients by letting them know you're competent and able to get their projects professionally completed

The core elements your cover letter should include

The elements shouldn't be missing in order to receive responses and prove to clients that you're a credible freelancer

What clients want to see in your proposal

Give clients a great first impression by immediately including what they need to see in your proposal even without them asking

How to apply for fixed price and hourly jobs

Understand how to adequately sell your value when applying to both fixed price and hourly jobs without getting overlooked

Proposal mistakes to avoid when applying for jobs

Avoid making these costly mistakes when sending proposals for jobs and start impressing clients from the get-go

That's not all, there are BONUSES

In this book, you'll also get...

10 Proposal Templates

Access 10 unique and easy to use proposal templates for Writing, Marketing, Graphic design, Web development and Virtual assistant jobs

proposal templates
3 Case studies

3 Case studies

I'll give you a step by step walk through and guide of 3 proposals that got clients interested in working with me and how I wrote them

10 Additional Questions Template

Get unique answers to additional questions for both Writing and Graphic Design/UI Design industries. Simply plug n play these answers to respond to client's questions

Answers to additional Questions
Frequently asked Questions

Answers to 8 Frequently Asked Questions

I answer 8 of the most frequently asked questions around Upwork Proposals

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About Folasade Agbaje
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Hi, I'm Folasade Agbaje

I’m a Top rated freelancer on Upwork and I also run The Freelance Secrets, a hub for people who want to learn how to make money freelancing online.

In 2016, I started freelancing on Upwork and I struggled for 3 months before my proposal finally got me a job. After years of trial and error, I’ve finally gotten the secret to attracting clients on Upwork, Proposals.

With a proven proposal strategy, I’ve been able to attract clients and eventually get them to work with me. I’ve been able to earn over $30,000 freelancing on Upwork.

You too can earn that and more with the right knowledge which I’ll be sharing in my book.

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Upwork Proposal Secrets by Folasade Agbaje

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