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I'll give you practical guides through all the steps you need to go from zero knowledge to landing your first freelance client.


Zero to Freelance Guidebook

A comprehensive and practical resource that gives you the step by step knowledge you need to start your freelancing business.

Introducing Zero to freelancer
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Hey Goal getter

Do you want to be a freelancer to earn for yourself and family, but unsure where and how to start?

Freelancing is on the rise, more people are looking to earn an income and many more are searching for freelancers to carry out their tasks.

With freelancing, there's a massive opportunity for you to be your own boss and live a life you truly love.

So if you've want to start a freelance business to bring in more cash, this guide will help you plan out your freelancing journey in 16 crucial steps.

Let me guess, right now you're feeling a bit overwhelmed because you ...


Don't know where to start from

With so much conflicting information out there, it can be hard to figure out, "what is the quickest way to start freelancing?"


Don't know how to attract clients

Freelancing is competitve and without the right knowledge, it is difficult to attract the right clients, especially as a newbie freelancer.


Don't know the services to offer

Without equipping yourself with the right skills and offering services that potential clients need, you'll get frustrated and constanstly struggle.

But here's thing...You don't have to feel overwhelmed. Starting your successful freelance business is totally possible.

I'm sharing with you everything you need to launch a freelance career and start attracting clients.

I'll give you practical guides through all the steps you need to go from zero knowledge to landing your first freelance client.

  • The skills you need
  • How to establish yourself as a freelancer
  • Marketing strategies to attract clients
  • How to build your portfolio
  • How to land your first client
Upwork Proposal Secrets by Folasade Agbaje

Inside this guidebook, you will learn how to:

  • Create a learning schedule and acquire the required skills that will make you more attractive to clients
  • Discover your uniqueness and differentiate yourself from other freelancers looking for gigs
  • Build a portfolio that gets clients interested in working with you and getting you hired
  • Develop a pricing structure so that you don't overprice or underprice your services
  • Develop a client avatar so you don't market your services to everyone but to your ideal client
  • Create a brand around your service to set you apart from other freelancers in your niche
  • Design a strategy to find clients, get paid constantly and grow your freelance business

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About Folasade Agbaje
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Hi, I'm Folasade Agbaje

I’m a Top rated freelancer on Upwork and I also run The Freelance Secrets, a hub for people who want to learn how to make money freelancing online.

In 2016, I started freelancing on Upwork and I struggled for 3 months before my proposal finally got me a job. After years of trial and error, I’ve finally gotten the secret to attracting clients on Upwork, Proposals.

With a proven proposal strategy, I’ve been able to attract clients and eventually get them to work with me. I’ve been able to earn over $30,000 freelancing on Upwork.

You too can earn that and more with the right knowledge which I’ll be sharing in my book.

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Zero to Freelance Guidebook by Folasade Agbaje

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